tim's portfolio

Hi! I'm Timothy Yang, a computer science major at UC Berkeley with internship, academic, and extracurricular project experience in frontend development, UI/UX, and graphic design. Welcome to this sample of my recent work, and feel free to reach out!

Art Outfitter Kiosk

Frontend • UI/UX • Project Management

As project manager of a group of 5, I led and worked with my team through multiple rounds of brainstorming and user research/feedback, interspersed with low-fidelity sketches, mid and high-fidelity wireframes in Figma, and finally a fully functional prototype using React.js, Redux.js, and CSS.

Our final product was the Art Outfitter Kiosk, which gives gives museum visitors personalized outfit suggestions based on a painting and color of their choice.

Kiosk Interface Demo> Figma Wireframes> Full Project Report>

Delta Consulting

Frontend • UI • Graphic & Logo Design

I built the face of this new consulting club from scratch. This included designing, wireframing, and implementing its fully responsive website using React.js and SCSS; creating its original logo, palette, and decks; and editing and designing over 20 promotional flyers in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

Delta Consulting Website> Club Instagram (with Flyers)>

Edith Labs

Frontend • UI/UX • Logo Design

As a UI/UX intern for this mentoring startup (Techstars '21), I designed an original logo in Adobe Illustrator, as well as reorganized and wireframed the website's primary pages for content flow and usability in Figma.

Later, as a frontend intern, I helped translate Edith's visual rebrand into code by developing new interfaces for member applications, dynamic blog posts, and various other components using React.js, Contentful, and CSS.

Designed Logo in Action> Edith Labs Website>



I have been working in a team of frontend engineers using React.js, SCSS, and Agile practices to develop this student organization directory used by 2000+ students and 150+ clubs in UC Berkeley.

Among other general tickets, I am developing and refactoring the necessary components for the design team's newly wireframed events feature.

sproul.club Website>

Adobe Consulting Project

UX Research

Working with a project manager and 3 other analysts, I planned, conducted, and analyzed surveys and interviews; created and iterated on correlated empathy maps and user personas; and drew conclusions and provided recommendations regarding an Adobe product.

In addition to working with our direct clients in Adobe, our analyst team was given the opportunity to participate in Adobe's internal user research workshops.